Distinguished Leather Portfolio Exporter in India

If you are looking for excellent leather portfolios, waste no time of yours to contact Deva International. Holding a wide array of collection, we have become successful enough to meet every specific requirement of our customers, thereby emerging as one of the eminent leather portfolio exporters in India. We, at Deva International, are highly committed to customer’s satisfaction through:
✓Producing top quality portfolio that truly meets the necessity of our widely ranged clients.
✓Meeting the needed regulatory and statutory requirements.
✓Regular monitoring of process.
✓Providing high-quality customer service to satisfy all the queries of our clients.
Contact us today at 033-2343 6864 and you will surely get driven away with our outstanding collection.

Leather Bags Portfolio


Leather Bags

A woman’ bag is her indispensable constant companion, A very deep connect exist between women and their bags and is indeed a very intimate decision. A well designed and constructed woman handbag enables its owner to instantly reach inside and comfortably slide in or retrieve her contents. Additionally a good handbag adds to your glam quotient and chic appeal. more...


Leather Purse

Purses are the handiest item for woman. Purses is a must have accessory, it can be functional yet fashionable at the same time. Purses are available in different sizes and construction, compact purses are perfect to keep your money safe, card slots make them multi-functional and other compartments will help you fit in all your belongings perfectly. more...


Leather Wallets

Wallets for Men are a deeply personal element of their style. A man’s wallet more than just defines a man himself; it defines a man’s status symbol and his approach to life. It is therefore a must that a wallet be exemplary in taste as in function.  more...

Backpacks and Messenger Bags

Leather Backpack

A brand for genuine leather products that is merges style with functionality in the best possible manner. A name to be a proud owner of.  more...